On 19th July 1947, after the resolution passed by the central body of Muslim conference in a joint session in Srinagar in which accession of the state of Jammu and Kashmir with Pakistan was decided, armed struggle took start against Dogra rule.

In Kotli area, armed struggle against Dogra rule started from every nook and corner. Col. Sher Ahmad Khan (who latter remained the President of the Azad Kashmir during june 20, 1952 to may 30, 1956) was assigned the task to lead freedom movement in the area between Kotli and Sudhanoti during mid of October 1947. Sakhi Daler Khan passed through this plateau and marched towards Rajori and Sobedar Khadim Hussain khan reached Devil Gali to join the hands with Major Feroz Khan. Dogra army was stationed at ”ort Aahan” situated on the bank of river sidding Kotli. When Mujahideen reached near this fort, a muslim platoon of dogra army under the command of sobedar barood khan left the fort and joined them.

On this for  Sher dil khan of baral was also present ther. Dogra force could not resist for long Mujhideen after there attack on fort ahaan. Dogra army retreated in disgrace towards Kotli. At Sehnsa, Captain natha khan and sobedar barood khan who later martyred after a battle compelled dogra forces to run away from the battlefront . Meanwhile raja sakhi daler khan defeated a company of dogra army at punjer. This situation forced dogra army at punjera. This situation forced dogra army to rush towards “throchi fort” (near Gulpur), which was under the control. of dogra army at that time.

Raja Mahmood Khan, who was later known as Col. Mahmood khan, organize muhahideen for an attack on this fort. Lt. Karam Dad khan, Khoshal Khan of Punjab, Captain Muhammad Hussain khan, Ismail khan and the mujahideeen of Sudhnoti actively participated and fought bravely at this fort, on the other hand naib sobedar khan Muhammad khan, Abdullah khan, Sardar Channo khan, Sardar sheir dill khan of barrel along with their mujahideen marched Kotli where plenty of Dogra army was stationed. Dogra army was forced to defeat by a well organized attack by mujahideen and retreated towards noshehra.

District Kotli is located with poonch on its North, Mirpur on its south, Rajori & Mahnder on its east and rawalpinid into its west. Before 1947, it was a tehsil of jammu province. Administratively district Kotli consist of three sub divisions namely Kotli Nakyyal and sehnsa having total area of 1862 sq. km. District Kotli is a hilly area gradually rising towards the high mountains of poonch district. A road through plaak links mirpur district to gulpur, where the roads from Kotli, kahoota and Rawalpindi meets. Its climate is more moderate than that of Mirpur due to its sub mountainous topography. From Tatta pani north of Kotli district to south east upto Ganga choti whole area is full of precious minerals, yet to be explored.

The district headquater is at distance of 141 km from Islamabad. It is linked with mirpur by two metalloid roads, one via Rajdhani 90 km and other via charhoi. It is also directly linked with rawalakot via trarkhal 82 km and rawalpindi via sehnsa,holar & hahuta. Kotli & around , beautiful mosques based on old & modern architecture, is also well know as madina-tul-masajid (city of mosques). Poonch river flow on one side of city, old and new style building and around it a series of mountains make it an attractive destination. In Kotli basic needs including middle standard hotels, PWD rest house, Tourist rest house as Sarda is available.


A view point linked with mettaloid road is 5 km from Kotli. One can enjoy on viewing Kotli city and surrounding areas from this place. To make it and attractive tourist spot AJK tourism department has constructed a tourist rest house here to provide accommodation facilities.


Hajiabad, located on Holar Kotli road, is a midway point for the travelers coming from rawalpindi/ Islamabad. AJK tourism dept. has constructed a cafeteria at this place to serve the travelers through light refreshment & fast food.


24 km from Kotli, a black top road leads to Khoirattta ( at 2570 meters elevation) that provides remarkable attention to the visitors. Nearby Khoiratta is bannah valley where Baies narre is of great importance. Before1947 hindu’s offered their religious obligation at this place.

Qurban ganga is another spot famous due to its neat and clean fountains. 
Another place famous is Kottla where the locals have built there houses on a mountain by cutting it. This art of architecture at such a place is really surprising. Likewise fateh puri bagh, Bagh sain hazoori are worth seen. From khoiratta 4 km. away a famous shrine of Mai Toutti Sahib where hundreds of people visit this shrine daily. In khoiratta, AJK tourism department provides accommodation facilities through a tourist rest house.

Fatehpur (Nakyyal):

Fatehpur was a part of tehsil mahnder before independence. It is located at a distance of 40 km from Islamabad. Due to high altitude 1524 m and geographic features, Fatehpur is a colder place than that of the other parts of Kotli. Tourist rest house by AJK tourism department is available here

Karela Majhan:

From Fatehpur, 10 km. ahead is Karela majhan. Its neat, clean and peaceful atmosphere inspires everyone visiting this area. Tourist rest house by AJK tourism department is available here

When to go:

 You can visit Kotli city in all seasons. During summer Sehnsa has pleasant climate, while these places are bit cold in winter. It’s better to visit these places from late march to October.

At the general bus stand located at poonch road buses & wagon go all parts of this district, Rawalpindi and to the other districts of Azad Kashmir. One can hire Toyota hiace vans from AJK tourism department to travel anywhere in azad Kashmir for Rs. 7/km.

Where to stay:

 There is only one middle standard hotel that is Sarda view hotel. You can get accommodations in rest houses, which are at your service at all, the places of  tourist attraction in this district. To get reservation in any rest house please contact to the district officers of PWD, Forest dept. AJK tourism department.

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